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Ironing all kinds of fabrics

Most of your clothes need to be ironed in order to fit nicely on your body. Ironing clothes seems like a simple task, but if you don’t do it right, you’ll actually damage your clothes and decrease their longevity. Why are cotton sheets always creased and polyester materials shiny after ironing? In this example, we provide you some tips about ironing all kinds of fabrics.

Guide to buying sportswear

Many people like to choose large size or oversize  sportswear according to the  recent trends, and some others like to use tight and body-fitting clothes all the time.In fact, they all make wrong choices. While choosing a sports set, you should choose clothes that do not block your hands and feet and do not hinder your mobility. Our very important recommendation is to buy the right size for your body

تصویر پارچه دورس زرد با پشت کرکی و لطیف و بافت رویی متراکم

?What do you know about dorse

Appropriate clothing is very important in cold weather. Many of us have a blankets pulled away from us when we sleep at night, or we can’t pull an extra heavy layer over our bodies. Be especially aware of children who have a habit of chewing or putting their clothes in their mouths. So the overall material of the clothes depends on its threads. These threads act as the main warp and weft holder. In general, in order to know which type of fabric is more suitable for us, we must know what we want. Natural fibers such as cotton, wool and 100% cotton lose between 5 and 10% of water in the first wash. Of course, make no mistake. Synthetic fibers: such as spandex, polyester, melange, viscose, selanic, Lykra thread and Galaxy fabrics are also found in Iran. There are also interesting mixed color schemes with cupcakes, animals or ice cream cones on top. Plain woven fabric needs a lot of care.